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About CCBE

The CGIA Computer Based Exam offers Candidates to sit their CGIA exam online. It’s officially opened to all candidates globally preparing to sit for their exams.

Beginning in January 2021, CGIA exams for all Levels will only be offered via CCBE. This means, all paper based exams is completely eliminated.

The CCBE aims at presenting candidates a seamless flexibility and convenience in writing their CGIA exam online.


Level I,II & III Exams

How many times can one write Exams via CCBE?

CCBE is offered four (4) times in a year as below:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

Why should I use CCBE?


Multiple Exam Sessions

With the introduction of the CCBE, CGIA exams for all levels  is offered four (4) times in a year instead of the previous twice.

Flexible Schedule

With CCBE, candidates are not restricted to a paper by paper exam dates timetable. Candidates have flexibility to write any paper of their chosen within the stipulated exam week. Exam week in each month is communicated to candidates.

Instant results

Candidates receives an instant provisional result when they take exam via CCBE. Therefore, they do not have to wait for 21 days before receiving their results.

The Institute however, sends the official results to candidates within 72 hours after the CCBE exam is taken.

It’s Convenient

CCBE has proven to be a game changer. The flexibility it allows and multiplicity of exam sessions it brings per year, creates a whole new level of convenience for candidates.