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The CGIA Institute is an online & membership based professional body of finance & investment professionals.

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Ethics – Professionalism – Diversity

Ethics and professionalism has always been a core to the CGIA Charter Program. The world’s financial services industry needs people with such standards whiles embracing diversity. Get involved.

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100% online & accessible globally

The CGIA Institute is an online & membership based professional body of finance and investment professionals, setting global standards for ethical investment practices for the finance and investment management industry.

The Institute provides the Chartered Global Investment Analyst (CGIA®) as well as hosting some of the industry’s leading events.


  • CGIA ® will help you to gain deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise and credibility in the investment and financial management industry.
  • The charter program, developed by leading industry practitioners, will equip you with the practical knowledge you need to secure and do your job.
  • CGIA charter will help you to distinguish yourself with knowledge, expertise, and a clear career advantage over industry peers.
  • The CGIA Charter Program provides a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-time management skills that will open you up to limitless possibilities.


The CGIA Charter Program, our membership networks and events is available and accessible globally irrespective of your location. 

Whether you’re established in your career or just getting started in the investments and finance space, the CGIA Charter designation puts you on a high pedestal and set you apart in the industry.

SE Charter Gateway

The CGIA Institute’s Special Exemptions (SE) Gateway is an exclusive pathway presented to CGIA Candidates and potential new members to secure the CGIA Charter designation and membership.

Under the SE Gateway, awarded candidates receive total exemptions from all the CGIA exam. This means all individuals offered the SE Gateway will not write any of the exams under the Institute’s curriculum from Level I – III

However, all such SE Gateway participants are required to undertake the mandatory  Special Exemptions Continuous Professional Development with assessment, leading to the award of the CGIA Charter and membership.

This will also include satisfying all financial obligations as indicated.

Scholarships for everyone 

 “Begin your CGIA journey with a scholarship”

We will never stop assisting our members to achieve their biggest dreams and goals. We clearly understand and appreciate how passionate our members globally are about pursuing the CGIA Charter program. However, access to funding could prove a difficult challenge.

This is why we are committed to supporting members to complete their CGIA charter program. The Institute shows this commitment by creating these scholarship schemes for member benefits. 
If you have what it takes, then this is your opportunity to secure a CGIA scholarship.

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We are raising finance and investment professionals who are today and tomorrow’s leaders of the global finance & investment management industry.

Become a finance and investment professional with the highest ethical standards.

Global council & advisors

Sandeep Kumar, FCGIA®, Chairperson CGIA Institute

Denise Colletti, USA

Belinda Wong, Hong Kong


THE VOICE, is an opportunity to our Charterholders & Fellows to walk us through their journey towards success.

THE VOICE is a monthly publication which regroups a series of interviews conducted with some of our Charter Holders, influenced and driven by the profound desire to inspire others.

Download the latest edition of THE VOICE.

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Actionable intelligence & comprehensive insights into global markets, private equity deals, investments & finance as they happen.

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