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Certified Investment Firms – CIF ™

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Certified Investment Firms – CIF ™



CGIA Certified Investment Firms (CIF™) are the leading global Finance and Investment firms which have distinguished themselves as the go-to authority when it comes to financial management and investment advisory.

Financial advisory firms, which either manage assets or provide investment advice to clients have a huge obligation in executing these tasks, especially while exhibiting the highest level of professionalism.

Why become CIF™?

  • Position your firm as a leading authority in the finance and investment industry
  • Gain trust with your current and potential clients with the CGIA Institute certification
  • Prominent placement of your company logo on all marketing materials as CGIA Institute CIF
  • Publicity on promotional mails, electronic messages/web campaigns
  • Special mention in press releases as a CIF
  • Write-up on the Institutes Insights page
  • Special mention in press releases
  • We hyperlink your logo to your website
  • Profile of your company in post CGIA Institutes regular newsletters and reports
  • Special discounted rates at CGIA Institute events for your staff and partners
  • Regular speaking opportunities at CGIA Institute events
  • Opportunity to network with other leading firms as well as regulators across multiple markets

Get your firm certified by CGIA Institute

Certification process

  • Submit CIF application form
  • Further submission of evidence of firm (requested by CGIA Institute)
  • Review of application and all related document
  • Interview with review panel
  • Approval of application
  • Payment of appropriate fees
  • Inclusion CIF portal



If your application to become a Certified Investment Firm™ is successful, you are required to pay $1055 which is payable at the time of acceptance.

Become a CGIA CIF

Ready to move your financial firm a step higher?

Get certified by the CGIA. Apply now to become a CGIA Certified Investment Firm (CIF).