Home » News & insights » Africa is a top priority for CGIA Institute – Peter Welch, FCGIA

Africa is a top priority for CGIA Institute – Peter Welch, FCGIA

Home » News & insights » Africa is a top priority for CGIA Institute – Peter Welch, FCGIA

Africa is a top priority for CGIA Institute – Peter Welch, FCGIA

by Marcelle Djaha

Africa is not often seen in a positive light by the global community. Mainstream news tends to report the shocking and the sensational with its attendant pleas for charity donations. In the process, it ignores the positive developments that really are happening in Africa. In an article on the online news site Huffington Post, co-written with former US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, he pointed out that ‘the continent could make up a quarter of the global economy by the year 2050’.

Finance is changing all over the world, and Africa is no exception. Indeed, the rise of Africa’s financial services sector in recent years has been remarkable. From a relatively underexplored and underinvested sector a mere decade ago, today, this sector is considered to be one of the continent’s brightest prospects.

In order for Africa to move toward greater achievements in the financial sector, the continent needs acute and well-versed financial professionals, driven by outstanding ethical values, able adopt a growth mindset if they want to succeed in an ever-changing finance function within a sound and safe finance industry. The continent might probably be a late adopter when it comes to new skills and a growth mindset. Nevertheless, we believe that Africa has the potential to learn and evolve quickly. The transformation, however, is not something that will happen overnight, in a week, a month or a year.

Finance and investment professionals need to understand that knowledge has no end, therefore it is well to continue pursuing their professional education in order to remain valuable.

Since the CGIA program has been widely spread quickly across multiple countries in Africa, it will surely be an avenue for finance professionals to gain in-depth knowledge, demonstrated expertise and credibility in the African financial industry.
The CGIA Institute is to provide African finance and investment professionals with the expertise and creative skills needed to solve complex problems. Undeniably, the expertise and knowledge acquired has set CGIA Charter Holders across the globe apart as qualified finance professionals and has shown their commitment to high ethical and professional values, said Peter E. Welch, FCGIA

The President will be visiting over fifteen countries across Africa within the next twelve months. In his first visit to Ghana, he is expected to engage the already growing number of CGIA candidates and members through a series of meetings and to officially launch the CGIA Network Ghana.


Source: CGIA Institute

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