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Inspiring journey of a CGIA® Charter Holder

Home » News & insights » Inspiring journey of a CGIA® Charter Holder

Inspiring journey of a CGIA® Charter Holder

by CGIA Institute

Napoleon Hill said ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’. In other words, be determined enough to believe that nothing is impossible and everything will indeed be possible.

Benjamin Kofi Quansah, CGMS, CGIA, fits effortlessly in the description above for he is an authentic model of success and determination for everyone.

Against all odds, he went from not knowing anything about grants management to being the first international Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) and the first International recipient of the National Grants Management Association’s prestigious 2017 Newton Award.

He is currently the Finance and Grants Manager on the Ghana Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Programme which is funded by UK Aid and USAID.

Having a successful and prestigious career in project, financial and grants management did not prevent him from searching for a globally recognised credential in the investment and financial management industry that would make him stand out from other finance professionals.

After hearing about the CGIA Charter Program, Benjamin decided without any hesitation to take part and eventually became a prominent and distinguished Charter Holder.

‘‘Becoming a Charter Holder means everything to me because it gives me a global recognition and the prestige that comes with its global presence’’. He said.

We know that our Charter Holders always strive to be of value no matter where they find themselves.

Kofi Quansah’s determination to succeed is something he is keen to inspire in others. But what is the best way to inspire and motivate others towards greatness?

We believe that sharing your story as a successful individual can drive others to do better and make better life choices.

It is following this belief that the CGIA® presents ‘THE VOICE’, an opportunity to our Charter Holders to walk us through their journey towards success.

THE VOICE is a monthly publication which regroups a series of interviews conducted with some of our Charter Holders, influenced and driven by the profound desire to inspire others.

These interviews constitute a major source of information, motivation and industry insights for our members around the globe.

This edition features Benjamin Kofi Quansah ‘The Grant Man’’ as he takes us through his inspiring and captivating lifetime experiences and career choices.

Download this edition of THE VOICE for more insights.

Don’t miss out!

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