Home » News & insights » Let’s Put Ethics First – Peter Welch, FCGIA

Let’s Put Ethics First – Peter Welch, FCGIA

Home » News & insights » Let’s Put Ethics First – Peter Welch, FCGIA

Let’s Put Ethics First – Peter Welch, FCGIA

by CGIA Institute

The CGIA Institute held a successful welcome session for the President, Peter Welch in Ghana. The President of the Institute is a on 15-member country visits across Africa.

The meeting was used as a platform to encourage and remind the Charter Holders members of the CGIA Ghana Network to act as Ambassadors of the CGIA Institute as a whole by upholding standards of honesty, transparency and accountability in the Financial Industry.

This meeting was used to also amplify the CGIA Institute’s “Let’s Put Ethics First” campaign which aims to increase awareness that the investment industry must be built on Integrity. He drew attention to the relevance of this campaign, especially in the Ghanaian Finance and Investment sector.

During the meeting, Mr. Peter Welch stated that “in Ghana, the financial industry today faces a crisis of confidence that threatens its future. As an industry, the investment profession has lost sight of that purpose and replaced it with self-interest

The implications of the Ghanaian financial sector’s challenges are many. People are losing their investments; professionals are losing their job and credibility. What example, as professionals, are we setting for the next generation?

The most important thing that the finance industry could do to restore trust is to minimize conflicts of interest and pursue high standards of integrity”

“Integrity” in Mr. Peter Welch’s words “is not to be taught. As professionals, it has to be our trademark”

Peter ended his speech by encouraging the members of the Governing Board to think about their role as stewards of integrity and how to engage the society and the future finance and investment professionals in Ghana.

“Being part of the Governing Board of the CGIA Ghana Network and member of a committee or sub committee should be seen as a means to develop yourself and become role models for the future generations because in all our endeavours, we have to keep in mind that the students are the greater ambassadors and they look up to our Charter Holders.”

The Meeting ended with a breakfast networking session for the members.

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